The Church is an essential institution that has the power to transform people's lives through the message of Christ. It is not just about "building a brand," but rather about creating a community of believers who are committed to living out their faith and sharing it with others. This is why Bana exists - to help churches grow and become more effective at building up the Kingdom of God.

One important aspect of church growth is the importance of relationships. In the age of COVID-19, many churches have had to rely more on digital interactions and virtual services. While these tools have been essential in keeping people connected, they can't replace the personal, in-person relationships that are at the heart of any healthy church. That's why Bana is focusing on helping churches "reboot" their relationships, by finding ways to prioritize and strengthen in-person connections even as we continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

The current economic climate is extremely competitive and unforgiving, and many churches are still struggling to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this environment, it is more important than ever for churches to make careful and informed decisions about their ministry. That's why Bana is partnering with Black Fox Media, Involv, and other independent creators who have a wealth of ministry experience and a track record of success. By humbly considering consulting and other resources from people who are getting results and growing churches in this season, churches can give themselves the best possible chance of success.

Another key aspect of church growth is the need to develop certain staffing positions. For example, worship pastors and video editors are crucial roles that can be difficult to fill. Many talented video editors are leaving for higher paying secular jobs, and it takes time and effort to develop worship pastors who are capable of leading and inspiring others. As the saying goes, "there is no microwave worship pastor." By investing in the development of passionate and talented individuals who are committed to spreading the message of Jesus Christ, churches can ensure that they have the resources and personnel they need to thrive.

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