Photoshop on iPad

My Favorite Features

  • Using the Apple Pencil for precise lasso, lines and brushes (Apple Pencil is a must)
  • Opening your desktop PSD right where you left off
  • Tapping into the raw performance power of the iPad Pro

Lacking Features

Full photoshop is great, but that doesn't mean that their isn't room for improvement. Starting with iPad's version of Photoshop doesn't have the latest features with Sensei for object selection. It also needs to do more tasks in ways that feel more "iPad." For example, something as simple as deleting layers could be a long press and press x in the corner of each layer. The last place this app is really lacking is with shortcuts, some of which might be due to restrictions on Apple's end, but the shortcuts that are available differ from the desktop experience. They are really banking on touch modifies to replace many missing shortcuts in this version of photoshop. Regardless, I'm thankful to have the app and know it will improve with feedback and hard work from the team at Adobe.

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